Debt recovery is one of FOUR LEGAL’s main activities.

FOUR LEGAL offers a comprehensive debt recovery procedure:

  • debt recovery in pre-trial proceedings (warnings, claims, communication with a debtor, monitoring, agreements, etc.);
  • preparation and submission of procedural documents to court, arbitration court;
  • securing a claim;
  • representation before court;
  • delivery of a writ of execution to a bailiff and monitoring of the execution process;
  • debt collection in the EU;
  • debt assignment;
  • etc.

FOUR LEGAL’s experience shows that receiving a favourable judgment and a writ of execution does not always guarantee debt recovery. The debtor can abusively avoid paying the debt by hiding assets, making fictitious transactions, etc. The main thing in debt recovery is the choice of optimal and effective means of debt recovery, both in pre-trial proceedings and within legal proceedings.