FOUR LEGAL lawyers have comprehensive experience in the field of immovable property and construction. Due to different types of risks there is a need for legal support provided by a qualified specialist during the process of construction and immovable property acquisition.

FOUR LEGAL provides comprehensive high-quality legal assistance in dealings with immovable property and construction matters:

  • legal advice in dealings with immovable property and construction;
  • preparation and analysis of transaction documents;
  • transaction structuring and managing;
  • preparation and analysis of rent, lease, construction agreements, etc.;
  • preparation and analysis of purchase, exchange, gift, maintenance agreements, etc.;
  • joint property termination disputes;
  • ownership disputes;
  • preparation and analysis of construction agreements;
  • representation in construction disputes, including legal proceedings;
  • etc.

FOUR LEGAL lawyers have experience in structuring and managing complex immovable property transactions. It should be emphasized that an immovable property encumbrance (bailiff’s recovery notation, mortgage, etc.) does not mean in itself the impossibility of a transaction, but rather the fact that the structure of the transaction must provide for a mechanism for removing or taking over the immovable property encumbrance. FOUR LEGAL lawyers are experienced in transactions with such properties, including the following:

  • immovable property is not corroborated in the land register;
  • immovable property is encumbered (recovery notation, mortgage, seizure, etc.)
  • a bailiff is bringing recovery proceedings against immovable property (the property is sold at auction);
  • purchase of immovable property at auction;
  • purchase of undivided share and determining the procedure for use;
  • etc.