Inheritance law is one of FOUR LEGAL’s main areas of activity.


FOUR LEGAL provides comprehensive legal assistance in the field of inheritance law:

  • consultations on inheritance issues;
  • preparation of testaments and inheritance agreements;
  • resolving disputes among heirs;
  • representation before court;
  • termination of joint ownership;
  • rights to the preferential share (rights of the forced heirs);
  • separation of the surviving spouse’s share from the inheritance;
  • acceptance of inheritance with the right of inventory;
  • etc.


Inheritance matters are conducted by sworn notaries. It should be emphasized that both heirs and creditors have to apply for their rights to inheritance within the time period announced by the notary. FOUR LEGAL lawyers recommend carefully consider inheritance acceptance and receive advice from a qualified lawyer regarding inheritance matters. Timely legal advice provided by qualified lawyers will help you avoid unpleasant surprises, such as taking on disproportionate obligations at the same time as accepting an inheritance, as well as allow you to better understand your rights and duties in the matter of inheritance.


FOUR LEGAL’s experience shows that during the process of accepting an inheritance, the heir may face various difficulties:

  • disputes about the division of inheritance among heirs;
  • determination of kinship with the estate-leaver;
  • separation of the surviving spouse’s share (share in the joint property of the spouses);
  • rights to the preferential share (rights of the forced heirs);
  • assumption of disproportionate obligations, if the debts significantly exceed the value of the inherited property;
  • etc.

Family law

FOUR LEGAL provides a comprehensive range of legal services in the field of family law:

  • divorce consultations;
  • divorce at a notary and in court;
  • division of joint property of spouses;
  • access rights and determining the amount of maintenance;
  • etc.

FOUR LEGAL lawyers will study circumstances and materials of your case, provide advice and help you understand the prospects of your case and develop the right action plan that will protect you from possible losses. If necessary, we will prepare all the necessary procedural documents to submit a claim to court and represent your interests before court.