Energy and renewable energy

Energy and renewable energy are sectors in which regulatory enactments are constantly and rapidly changing. During the past 15 years, the EU legal regulation in the field of the use of renewable energy sources (RES) (wind and solar energy, hydroelectric power, etc.) has been significantly expanded.

  • On 29 September 2022, the Saeima adopted the Law on the Facilitated Procedures for the Construction of the Energy Supply Buildings Required for the Promotion of Energy Security and Autonomy. The purpose of this law is to establish a simplified procedure for the installation of external engineering networks required for the operation of wind power plants, solar panels (equipment), and for the construction of other related buildings.
  • On 13 June 2023, amendments to the Cabinet Regulation No. 350 “Regulations of Land Lease and Construction Rights of a Public Entity” of 19 June 2018 were adopted. The purpose of the amended regulation is to determine the procedure by which land of a public entity is transferred for compensation for the construction of wind farms, granting the developer of the wind farm construction rights.

FOUR LEGAL lawyers actively monitor changes in the regulatory enactments in the field of RES, thus being able to provide high-quality legal assistance to the developers of RES projects based on the achievement of long-term goals.

FOUR LEGAL provides legal assistance in the field of energy and RES:

  • legal consultations on energy and RES;
  • auctions of the right of superficies;
  • preparation and analysis of the agreements of the right of superficies;
  • environmental law and environmental impact assessment;
  • representation of client interests in dealing with municipal and public authorities;
  • preparation and submission of documents for obtaining necessary permits;
  • RES project equipment purchase and rental agreements;
  • construction and other RES agreements.